Friday Night Series: In Lagos Nigeria

{Friday 27th June 2008 11:45 pm Lagos}

It's a vibrant Friday night in the heart of Lagos, Nigeria. Childhood friends, Jimi and Deji, find themselves at the bustling Konfirmed Klub, a popular hotspot for the city's socialites. The club is renowned for its constant influx of stunning women, a magnet for men seeking a bit of excitement. This is hardly surprising, given its proximity to Allen Avenue. Musa, the club's imposing Hausa bouncer, greets them with a grin. His towering stature makes even "The Rock" appear malnourished. Jimi, ever the showman, tries to act tough, conveniently forgetting his previous tussle with Musa that left him nursing a bruised toe. Deji chuckles at his friend's bravado, prompting a round of laughter from all three. "We're all friends here, right?" Deji quips. Once inside the VIP lounge, Deji orders his usual: Pepper soup and fish, accompanied by a bottle of Gordon Sparks. The boys settle into their usual routine of rating the passing girls, assigning grades from A to F, and categorizing them as either Ashewo or chick. Their playful banter is interrupted when Feyi and her friend saunter into the VIP lounge. "Isn't that your sister, Deji?" Jimi asks, his eyes trailing the two elegantly dressed women. Deji nods nonchalantly, revealing that Feyi is still single. Feyi, spotting her brother, attempts to avoid his gaze, hoping to prevent an awkward encounter. But it's too late. Deji calls out to her, inviting her to introduce her friend. After several drinks, Deji's boisterousness is understandable. Jimi chuckles at his friend's antics, greeting Feyi warmly. "Feyi, you look stunning! I had no idea you'd be here tonight!" ********************************************************************************************** PAUSE Jimi's thoughts: If only she weren't Deji's sister... God, she's gorgeous. ********************************************************************************************** Feyi laughs, charmed by Jimi's compliment. "It was a last-minute decision. How have you been?" Jimi offers to buy her a drink, to which she readily agrees. She introduces her friend, Amaka, to Deji, leaving them to get acquainted while she and Jimi navigate the crowded dance floor towards the bar. Meanwhile, Deji and Amaka endure an awkward silence, with Deji struggling to initiate a conversation. "So, Amaka, would you like something to drink?" he asks, only to be interrupted by her refusal. "I can't have any more alcohol unless you want me dancing on tables." ********************************************************************************************** PAUSE Deji's thoughts: She's playing hard to get, but her voice is captivating. She's going to have a drink, whether she likes it or not. ********************************************************************************************** Unfazed, Deji insists, offering her a choice between Gordon Sparks and Smirnoff. After a few drinks, Deji invites Amaka to dance. She accepts, leaving her glass behind as they head to the dance floor. Jimi and Feyi, having abandoned their quest for the bar, are lost in the rhythm of the music. Despite her aching feet, Feyi is determined to keep up with Jimi. Suddenly, she notices her brother exchanging numbers with Amaka. She laughs out loud, reaching for her phone to send Deji a teasing text. ********************************************************************************************** MESSAGE LOL, What do you think you're doing? SHE HAS A BOYFRIEND, YOU FOOL :P **********************************************************************************************
Deji's excitement quickly turns into disappointment as he reads Feyi's text. "So I've been wasting my time," he thinks, "Well, we'll see about that. Boyfriend, huh?" He glances at Amaka one last time, a determined grin on his face. "Not for long."


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