Friday Night Series: In Lagos Nigeria

Friday Night
In Lagos, Nigeria.

{Friday 27th June 2008 11:45 pm Lagos}
It is a Friday night in Lagos, Nigeria. Childhood friends, Jimi and Deji are at the popular Konfirmed Klub in the heart of the city where the socialite hang out. The club is known for its flock of beautiful females that never cease to be in attendance every weekend. So most guys go searching for females willing to do something strange for a little piece of change, which comes to no surprise, as Allen Avenue is just around the corner.
Wow, you guys are here early today” said Musa, the Hausa bouncer at the club. This man makes “The Rock”  look like a child with carbohydrate deficiency.
What do you mean?” Jimi  retorted, trying to act like a tough guy again, forgetting the scuffle he got into with Musa a couple of weeks back which left him with a bruised toe. Laughing at his friend, Deji says “not again guys”, Musa starts laughing too, and Jimi drops his tough guy act and joins in. “We are all good friends. I assume.” says Deji.
Deji is quickly ushered to the Vip lounge, orders his usual Pepper soup and fish with a bottle of Gordon sparks on the side. “This right there is the business.” The boys resume their “normal work” of grading girls as they pass, from A to F, Ashewo or chick. The first “victim” passes by, Jimi says “yo, that’s an ashewo, I’ll give her an A tho” Deji turns to look in the direction Jimi points and nods his head in agreement of the rating, he couldn’t speak as the heat of the pepper soup had started dealing with his tongue.
Right in the middle of their "extra curricula activity", Feyi and her friend walk into the VIP lounge.
"Yo, Deji no be your sister be that?" Jimi asked, as his gaze shifts to the two beautiful ladies, dressed in their miniskirts and high heels, revealing just enough skin to get the young men around lusting after flesh. Deji turns to look too, secretly wondering why Jimi had his eyes so fixed on them, since it was just his sister. But then again his sister was with her friend.
"Yeah, yeah" he remarked nonchalantly, "she told me she was coming with her friends, she still dey single o".
Feyi, spotting her brother and his friend, decides to look away, motioning at her friend to do the same so they could avoid her brother from seeing them. Having him in the same room as her was already strange enough, but having him stalk her and her friend would just create an unnecessary awkward situation she wasn't in the mood to handle.

Their eyes meet before she could make a move. With a rather queer smile on Deji's face, he practically screams
"FEYIKEMI, come on don't be silly, come introduce your friend"
With 5 bottles in his system, the action was understandable. Jimi lets out a silent laugh, shaking his head at his friend's almost annoying attitude. He smiles at her and gives her a quick hug.
Feyi! Babe, you are looking good!! Your brother didn’t tell me you’d be coming!”

Jimi's mind: Damn, if no be say she be Deji sister ah! God! see breast. The ting be like the paw paw wey I buy for market today.
She laughs, totally amused. “Jimi!!! It was last minute.  What’s up?”
Jimi lets out something that sounded like a chuckle, Feyi wasn't too sure but at least he wasn't frowning, "maybe he is drunk" she says to her to herself.
"Cool, cool I’m good, it’s been a while! Let me buy you a drink.
Her face expresses relief; she wasn't planning on paying for anything tonight.
"Oh, Amaka," she gently tugs at her friend's purse, pulling her closer, "This is my brother Deji. Deji, can you keep Amaka company; I’d be right back. No embarrassing stories please!
Feyi and Jimi make their way through the clumped up crowd on the dance floor heading towards the bar leaving Amaka and Deji glancing uncomfortably at each other. She looked back to give Amaka an evil glare, as if to say "you better be careful of my brother".
The club was as packed as sardines in a can and almost smelt the same way too. "Thank God for vip" she says to herself, still trying to make her way through to the bar.  She couldn't breathe properly and was forced to curse under her breath. Jimi taps her shoulder, she looks over and his eyes spoke the words clearly "are you ok?" She smiled back and says, "I'm alright Jimi."
Meanwhile Amaka and Deji were still trying to get over the awkward silence between them, with Deji cracking his head, trying to figure out something conversation worthy.
"So, Amaka what do you want something to drink?, I've got... "
Amaka interrupted him abruptly, "Umm, No Thanks Deji. I can't have anymore alcohol in my system, except you want me dancing on tables."

Deji's mind: Ugh, see this one, she dey form but damn her voice sweet o. Mehn she go drink by force by fire, see lips, she be like person wey go sabi.
 "Why? Come on...  Gordon Sparks? or Smirnoff?".
Amaka smiles as Deji calls the waiter. After a couple of bottles, Deji stands stretching his hands out.  "Come on, let’s go dance. I'm not asking you so you can’t say no." She drops the glass and walks to the dance-floor with him.
Meanwhile Jimi and Feyi had been dancing like cra-a-azy, as they never made it to the bar. There was no point wasting the fun when they had each other. Although her legs were aching, she was willing to go the extra mile for Jimi.

Then it happened.

She caught sight of her brother and sighed, almost as if to say "I knew it". Letting out a loud laugh subconsciously, she looked closely again, to watch for his next stream of actions.
Is Deji exchanging numbers with Amaka? Oh So it's like that now? She thought as she reached for her phone to text her brother.

LOL, MUMU What do you think you're doing? SHE HAS A BOYFRIEND OH, ODE :P
Deji's eyes widens with disappointment, almost upset as he read his sister's text. "Damn" he curses in his mind, "So I just wasted my time, well let’s see about that. Boyfriend ay?" He lets out a soft hiss and turns to look ar Amaka one more time, "Well, not for long".


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