Friday Night Series: A Way To Start The Weekend

Friday Night
What a way to end the week!
{Friday 24th December 2010 6:12 pm Toronto}
“What to do on a Friday night? Go home and sleep for 12 hours? It’s the weekend thank God! No work until monday, I’m going to relax.."

While Mr. Taye Idowu was waiting for the train, he plugs in his earphones and starts to listen to his iPod. Taking his time to look around his environment he notices a woman by the telephone booth to his left, trying to pull her blouse down from underneath her skirt. He smiles and says “Downtown Toronto.” Turning to the other direction he notices an old man sitting on the floor with his cap turned over and drops some coins for the old man.
Still listening to the contents of his iPod he looks over to the other platform where he sees a pregnant dark skinned young woman who looked like him. The thought of her being his long lost twin sister came knocking but he pushed the thought away, she went missing 7 years ago and in a different country.
Holding her belly the young woman found a seat and sat on it. Watching the woman closely, he noticed that she began to weep. He got concerned and thought of crossing over the bridge to the other platform, but he said “It is none of my business, everyone is dealing with their own issues.
Focusing on his iPod he skips the current track, just as he looks up he sees the beautiful pregnant woman standing beyond the red line and it seemed like she was going to jump. “What in hell is she thinking” he thought to himself.
His train arrives and he walks in, but before the train’s door closes he runs out because he was feeling uncomfortable leaving the woman alone. He waits patiently for the train to pass to see what she was up to. After his train leaves, he sees the young woman still standing by the red line. A younger lady was asking her to step back but she paid her no attention. The sound of the train was coming from the distance and she moved a little closer to the tracks. Mr. Taye begins to wave aggressively trying to get the woman’s attention but she looked determined to jump.
Tears began to form in his eyes while he was mumbling some words, “Don’t, don’t” “Please” “Please don’t.” Then he raised his voice a little louder “Please do not jump” She looked up at him and then looked down at the tracks. He looks around trying to figure out the fastest route to get to her before she jumps, he attempts to run towards the bridge leading to the other platform but just as he moves, she jumps. The tears at this point began to fall from his eyes.
He gets home and switches his television on and the headline on CBC News is
“27 year old pregnant woman, commits suicide by jumping in front of the Yonge-University Line. Her name was Mrs. Kehinde Badmus. There was no suicide note in sight.”  

Could she have been my twin sister? What has become of my friday, and my weekend?