Friday Night Series: Christmas Eve

{Friday, 24th December 2010, 6:45 am, Toronto} Gazing out the window of the British Airways - Boeing 787, he yearns never to return to Toronto. A smile graces his face as he recalls the purpose of his journey. "Hello, Sir," the taxi driver greets, holding the door open for Deji to climb in. Settling into the seat, he dials his secretary back in Toronto. {Friday, 24th December 2010, 7:15 pm} Amaka finally sets her phone down, collapsing onto her bed, eagerly awaiting Deji's arrival. His secretary had called to inform her that he would be landing at Heathrow airport at 12:45 am. {Friday, 24th December 2010, 7:47 pm} BUZZZZ! The doorbell rings. Amaka's heart plummets! She dashes downstairs, bat in hand, ready to swing. She opens the door to find no one there. "Probably one of those little twats,” she mutters. Retrieving her mail, she catches a whiff of his cologne. "He won't be here 'til tomorrow, and I can't get him out of my mind," she giggles to herself. {Friday, 24th December 2010, 8:00 pm} "Please hurry, I need to get to 9 Ashurst Walk in Croydon before 7 pm. Also, where can I buy a new SIM card? I want to call her when I arrive and tell her I missed my flight. I'm sure she believes I just left Toronto." {Friday, 24th December 2010, 8:20 pm} Contemplating other ways to surprise Amaka, he calls his London jeweler. He's already on Birch Tree Way, just a few minutes away from Amaka's house. BUZZZZZZ! The doorbell rings again. “Again? I won't bother. Deji won't be here 'til tomorrow. I don't need to see anyone,” she dismisses, continuing to try on outfits for Deji's arrival. ********************************************************************* ************* PAUSE. The doorbell is pressed by two teenage boys attempting to break into the house. They wait to ensure no one is home before they proceed. ********************************************************************* ************* {Friday, 24th December 2010, 8:35 pm} From his window, Deji spots two boys attempting to break into Amaka's house. He bolts from the car to intervene. Hearing a commotion outside, Amaka rushes to the door, baseball bat in hand. She swings the door open and flings her bat. There's no one there, but she spots a man trying to help Deji into a Black Cab. "What happened here?" "Deji, are you okay?" "Hey, Mister, what happened?" "Deji!" "Somebody help!" "Mister, there's a hospital not far from here. Just go down this road and take a left at the junction." {Friday, 24th December 2010, 11:58 pm, London} Upon reaching the hospital, Deji musters the strength to whisper, "C-c-che-e-eck" Following his instructions, she retrieves a small navy blue velvet case from his pocket and opens it. Inside is a stunning princess cut diamond ring. “Oh, Deji!” she whispers. Just as she leans in to kiss him, She SCREAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!