Friday Night Series: Christmas Eve

Friday Night
Christmas Eve.

{Friday 24th December 2010 6:45 am Toronto}
Looking out the window of the British Airways - Boeing 787, he wishes he never returns to Toronto. Wishing he will never have to return, a smile appears on his face as he remembers the reason for the trip.

"Hello Sir." the Taxi driver says as he opens the door for Deji to enter. As he seats down he calls his secretary back in Toronto.

{Friday 24th December 2010 7:15pm}
Amaka finally drops her Phone, she falls flat on her bed, patiently waiting for Deji to arrive at her door anytime soon. His secretary called to inform her that he’ll be at the Heathrow airport for 12:45am.

{Friday 24th December 2010 7:47pm}
BUZZZZ! the door bell.
Amaka’s heart sinks! she runs downstairs wondering who it could be with a bat in her right hand ready to swing, she opens the door but there’s no one there. "Probably one of those little twats.” Walking to get her mail she smells his cologne. "He won’t be here 'till tomorrow and I can’t get him out of my mind." she says giggling with herself.

{Friday 24th December 2010 8:00pm}
"Step on it please I need to get to 9 Ashurst Walk in Croydon before 7pm and where can I get a new sim card? I want to call her when I get to her house and tell her I missed my flight. I'm sure she believes I just left Toronto."

{Friday 24th December 2010 8:20pm}
Thinking about other ways to surprise Amaka. He calls his London jeweler. At this point he is already at Birch Tree Way, only a few minutes away from Amaka's house.

BUZZZZZZ! the door bell.

“Again? I will not bother. Deji won’t be here 'til tomorrow. I don't need to see anyone.”
she continues to try on clothes for Deji arrival.

The doorbell was pressed by two teenage boys trying to break into the house. They wait to see if anyone is at home before they break in.

{FRIDAY 24th December 2010 8:35pm}
Looking out his window. Deji sees two boys trying to climb into Amaka's house. He rushes out the car and attempts to stop them. Amaka hears commotion outside her house and she runs towards the door with her baseball bat again. She opens the door and flings her bat. Theres is no one there but out the corner she notices a man trying to carry Deji into a Black Cab.
"What happened here?" "Deji are you okay?" "hey Mr. What! happened?" "Deji!" "somebody help" "Mister, theres a hospital not to far from here just go down this road and take a left at the junction."
{Friday 24th December 2010 11:58pm London}
When they get to the hospital, Deji tries to squeeze some words out. "C-c-che-e-eck inside.” He coughs “my” coughs again “pocket." She does as he had asked, she pulls out a small navy blue velvet case out of his pocket and opens it. In it was a beautiful princess cut diamond ring.

Oh Deji!” she whispers. Just as she tries to kiss him,

She SCREAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!